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G.O.O.D GIRLS (Go Over Obstacles Daily)

The purpose of this outreach program is to help with personal and spiritual growth for young ladies.  This program is implemented to strengthen, motivate and encourage young ladies to achieve their goals and full potential through character development and community outreach. Our mentoring program, G.O.O.D GIRLS,(Go Over Obstacles Daily),  designed especially for girls ages 11-17 provides girls with the tools and resources necessary to recognize, develop and implement their leadership skills. The vision is to serve as a supportive network, aiding in the innovation of leadership among girls and women.  The ladies are mentored and we ensure that the mentee will participate in planned activities on a weekly basis that will strengthen the relationship between the two and improve the confidence of the young person.

Our main reason for developing a Mentoring program is to help school-age girls that are high risk who find themselves and understand their value or self-worth. Unfortunately, many of our youth base their value or self-worth on the opinion of others and for this reason, G.O.O.D GIRLS extends its mentoring programs to impressionable middle and high school girls in the Greater Houston area. The program will form partnerships with other nonprofit organizations, local school districts, and churches in the area. The G.O.O.D GIRLS program encourages, promotes interpersonal skills, and asserts a sense of hope for the future. Due to repeated failures in today’s classrooms, many of today’s youth and parents have lost faith in the educational system, especially in poverty-stricken communities. For at-risk youths to function and strive towards excellence they require support and outreach.  G.O.O.D. Girls provides support and outreach by providing a loving, caring and learning environment that promotes their effort and reinforces personal respect.

G.O.O.D GIRLS mentoring program directly responds to the fast-growing number of young girls seemingly depreciating through the cracks at schools or are currently intertwined in the juvenile system. The goal of G.O.O.D GIRLS is to first identify girls experiencing a turbulent transition to adulthood and provide a positive support system to abstain our youth from derailing their lives. Each level requires a different focus but the main objective remains the same; empower each young person to make positive changes in their lives. G.O.O.D GIRLS will focus on middle and high school girls. This particular age group is usually described as unsettled and this is the perfect time for effective mentoring, as each girl transitions into young adulthood during a time when the emphasis is placed on becoming responsible and productive contributors to their community and society.  G.O.O.D GIRLS has a genuine concern for each young girl that is in our society who may not realize their self- worth.