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Our Mission

A.L.A.Y.A Ministries is dedicated to strengthening and transforming our community by providing individuals with the tools and resources necessary to become successful leaders. Our mission is to facilitate positive leadership skills through the provision of social support, personal and professional programs and services, thereby unlocking their true leadership abilities and transforming them into effective community leaders.

Our Vision

It is A.L.A.Y.A Ministries intent to help develop personal growth by establishing (mentoring) programs, classes, workshops and, seminars. A.L.A.Y.A Ministries wishes to set standards that everyone will recognize there is a leader inside of you. A.L.A.Y.A Ministries will exemplify our dedication to our goals and to the fulfillment of this vision statement.

Our Core Values

A.L.A.Y.A. Ministries has a genuine concern for individuals who may not realize their worth.  A.L.A.Y.A. stands for Activating Leadership to Accomplish Your Ambitions. A.L.A.Y.A. Ministries works as a team and collaborates in every decision that has to be made concerning the direction of A.L.A.Y.A Ministries.  We succeed by empowering other individuals.

A.L.A.Y.A Ministries has developed programs to provide the support to our target population to assist is moving past the barriers of low self-esteem, communication, emotional, fear, poverty and not believing in oneself. . Our goal is to mentor, provide and supply. Here is a list of our programs.

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Neiki Jones



Avier Bashey



Charylene Jackson

Vice -President


Ahna Walker

Program Director


Ernest Beason

Community Outreach Director


Malika Steen