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A.L.A.Y.A Ministries

Who We Are

About Us

A.L.A.Y.A Ministries is a frontline 501c(3) nonprofit organization in America. Established in 2009 to guide a society that is culturally lacking interpersonal leadership skills. The mission of A.L.A.Y.A Ministries is to facilitate positive leadership skills through the provision of social support, personal and professional programs, and services, thereby unlocking true leadership abilities and transforming individuals into effective community leaders. We believe it is important to listen to the hopes and dreams of the people and offer resources and tools to those whom society has deemed as deficit leaders and we offer tools to which they can see themselves as leaders. It is our goal to help others overcome their limitations and break the barrier of life challenges.


We empower individuals in inner cities and urban communities to become effective community leaders by providing them with the skills and resources necessary to unlock their leadership potential.


Our core values are integrity, courage, service, commitment, dedication, humility, excellence, professionalism, partnership, transparency, and accountability.

We aspire to be recognized as the leading leadership development, mentorship, and community service provider in America. 


Our Amazing Team

Neiki Jones

Founder / CEO

Charylene Jackson

Vice President

Avier Bashey


Malika Steen