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A.L.A.Y.A Ministries

What We Do

Our Initiatives

G.O.O.D GIRLS Mentoring Program

The G.O.O.D GIRLS(go over obstacles daily) Mentoring Program aims to address issues plaguing girls’ society. The program focuses on breaking the barriers of the lack of self-confidence in school girls ages 11-17.

The Objective of the G.O.O.D GIRLS Mentoring Program:

  • To enable girls between the ages of 11-17 to make the right decision and cope with the situation of things around them.
  • To provide school-age girls with advice on choices of life and career.
  • To increase their self-esteem and self-confidence, potentially reducing vulnerability to teenage domestic violence and teen sexual assault.
  • To reduce the neglect and lack of support for school-age girls and girls that are at risk.


A support group offering fellowship, strengthening families, building sisterhood, and holding individuals accountable for living to their greatest potential. This program will target women who need a support system that will assist them with daily life issues, help them to find balance, and improve their overall mental health and well-being. Women of Jewels is designed for all women between the ages of 26 and over who are looking for a safe supportive and judgment free environment. The Women of Jewels Program will provide assistance with common issues that women face such as Coping skills, Relationship issues, Women’s issues, Spiritual Growth, Finances, and Health.

H.E.L.P Outreach Program

H.E.L.P. stands for Hand in Encouraging to Lift People. Through our H.E.L.P. initiative, we offer assistance via annual back-to-school drives, food drives, leadership classes, job readiness referrals to work faith connection, and the ability to obtain volunteers. Every year we have facilitated a back to school drive to provide backpacks filled with school supplies to the youth whose parents might not be able to afford them.  Since 2009, we have served over 5000 individuals, which include children, men, and women.  Through the H.E.L.P Program, we have also provided food to over 50 since 2016. In 2016 and 2017, we provided a Leadership Training workshop every quarter to those desiring to explore the dynamics of effective leadership. Total of attendees 100. Through the H.E.L.P outreach, we could donate toiletries locally and internationally to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. In August 2020, we collected over 500 pairs of socks to give to children, babies, and women living in shelters. The shelter of choice was the Mission of Yahweh. In March of 2021, we collaborated and were able to give 340 families cases of water during the winter freeze in Houston. Thousands went without water, electricity, and food.

The Literacy Experience (T.L.E)

This project aims to build the capacity of individuals and families through financial literacy, job creation, business, and personal development. The project intends to build a solid foundation for the employability and productivity of individuals through education on economic and financial literacy in the community, especially for developing economies, in the changing economic circumstance, particularly during the recovery of the global financial crisis. The Financial Literacy Program project aims at preparing competent people with economic and financial know-how for better employment and performance in the labor market and nurturing youth entrepreneurship through a learning program on economic and financial literacy for all and sundry in the community, especially developing economies, in the changing economic circumstance, particularly during the recovery of the global financial crisis caused by the COVID19 pandemic.


(Boys Reaching OTHERS Together)

Brotherhood, by definition, means a safe haven community based on mutual respect and understanding one another’s boundaries.

PURPOSE: BROTHERS aims to create a uniquely designed awareness program to uplift and encourage young men. By creating this type of environment, the young man will experience many scenarios to help their growth in life, as well as change the narrative of the token minority man. This would include but is not be limited to understanding the man of the past, how to live in present times, and the development of creating a proactive future.

What We Offer

We offer our young men a safe space to learn how to be their greatest selves. Our mentoring sessions will offer a brotherhood environment, character building, grooming awareness, health & wellness, career readiness, identity, and leadership training.

OUR WHY: We believe in our young men and want to see them reach their greatest potential. We believe that by helping develop positive and healthy relationships based on honesty, consistency, and accountability, there will be a significant increase in the success rate of our young men. We acknowledge the current status of the young male population but will not succeed in the idea of it. Instead, we will work closely with families, schools, and communities to provide a better option/ opportunity.